It's Up to You To Bring More Choice to Los Angeles

What’s At Stake

Walmart LA – Community Investing

Walmart wants to bring more affordable, fresh groceries to the Los Angeles area. If built, a new store would bring:

Community Benefits

  • New Walmart stores will provide affordable and fresh food in

    neighborhoods that are desperately lacking grocery stores.
  • Walmart’s property and sales tax revenue help support basic

    community services like police and fire departments, schools and

    vitally needed funding for local charities.

Job Opportunities

  • New Walmart stores would create thousands of good jobs that

    offer competitive pay, benefits and the opportunity to advance.
  • More than 70% of Walmart’s U.S. store management team started

    as hourly associates.
  • As of November 2010, the average wage for regular, full-time

    hourly associates in California is $12.28 per hour.

Customer Savings

  • Our $4 prescription drug program has saved customers more

    than $2 billion since it began in 2006.
  • An independent certified study found that our company saves the

    average American household $2,800 per year – whether they shop

    at Walmart or not, based on Walmart’s impact on the economy.