Walmart Opens in Downtown LA Chinatown

There are new and exciting developments taking place in Los Angeles Chinatown. During the worst economic downturn since the depression, there are several new projects that will help drive the resurgence of Chinatown and Downtown Los Angeles as a whole. The Chinatown Gateway Project, Chinatown Metro Apartments, and Lotus Garden are all under construction and slated for opening in 2013 or earlier. The Blossom Plaza project connecting the Chinatown Gold Line Station to the heart of Chinatown appears to be finally ready to proceed.

The Chinatown Business Improvement District was established in 2000 to creatively plan, manage and facilitate the rebirth of historic Chinatown as a multinational, culturally defined, economically vibrant and socially engaging community.

The Chinatown community is extremely supportive of the Walmart Neighborhood Market that will be opening in the 1st floor of Grand Plaza at Cesar Chavez and Grand Avenue.

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