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Let the Facts Speak for Themselves

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Fact: Walmart will bring in about 200 much-­‐needed jobs to these communities. This is referring to the total number of jobs that will come to the three stores in Downtown, Panorama City and Altadena. Each store will hire around 60-79 new employees.
Source: Walmart

Fact: Walmart already employs over 12,000 Los Angeles County residents who work in our other stores.
Source: Walmart LA Fact Sheet

Fact: $12.74 is the averaage wage for full-time hourly associates in California (July 2012.)
Source: Walmart Community San Diego

Fact: Today, the Unemployment Rate is 8.2%. Los Angeles County Unemployment is 11.4% (July, 2012).
Source: National US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Fact: At a recent Orange County Opening, thousands of people applied for 65 positions, many of them with grocery store experience.

Fact:Almost 70% of our store managers started as hourly associates.
Source: Walmart LA Website

Fact: Studies show that when Walmart opens, new businesses pop up and neighborhoods begins to flourish and revitalize.
Source: Center for Urban Research and Learning, Loyola University Chicago

Fact: Cost of living in Los Angeles, and across the country, is steadily rising.
Source: US Cost of Living Index, US Census Bureau

Fact: WM saves the average family about $3100 a year, no matter where they shop
Source: Global Insight, The Price Impact of WM: An Update Through 2009