Walmart Los Angeles. Save money. Live better.


As Burbank continues to grow, so do our customers’ needs. Your new Walmart will be located in the previous Sears Great Indoor Chain. Walmart moving into the the Empire Center will enhance the image of a premier shopping destination  rather than a large vacancy. In these tight times it is even more important for every family to stretch their dollars. Also, while many retailers are scaling back, closing stores, and laying off workers, Walmart continues to expand and hire – providing a soft landing for many who are looking for employment.

Providing Employment & Economic Opportunities

  • A new Walmart will bring roughly 300 new jobs to Burbank.
  • The average wage for hourly associates in California is over $12.79 per hour.

The Proposed Space

What Others are Saying

“We need investment from companies that will draw shoppers, and the Walmart will be just that: a magnet for more growth and development to the area. It’s time to take down the paper on the windows and let Walmart in.”
- Nancy Prewitt

“Let them in already!! I am currently jobless and would love an opportunity to get a job there.”
- Commenter Mc Caudillo

“A business such as Walmart should be welcomed and aided in its efforts to become a positive part of our city. It should not be vilified by a handful of residents, sued by overzealous residents, or made to jump through innumerable hoops simply to satisfy Walmart-haters.”
- Pamela Lang

Sustainability Features

  • Walmart is a leader in the industry when it comes to sustainable
    construction practices. The new store will incorporate a variety of
    sustainability features including:

    • Energy-efficient lighting and daylight and nighttime-dimming sensors.
    • Water-conserving technology practices.
    • Heat from refrigeration equipment reclaimed to heat hot water.
    • Ozone-friendly refrigerants.
    • Energy-efficient climate control systems.

Walmart Burbank Open House

Giving Back to the Community

  • In 2010 Walmart pledged $2 billion to #ght hunger.
  • Walmart is proud of our men and women in the armed forces and actively recruits them.

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Get involved

If you’re one of the many residents who want more affordable shopping options, hundreds of jobs in your community and an opportunity to revive an empty store in Burbank, you can also lend your voice in support by writing to your local newspaper or elected official. Contacting the Burbank Leader with a letter to the editor is an easy way to make your support known. Simply email your letter to

You can also write a letter to the City at or contact any of the council members listed below:

Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy

Vice Mayor David Gordon

Council member Gary Bric

Council member Jess Talamantes

Council member Bob Frutos